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Engagement Opportunities

Tracking bills is a long and arduous process. Dods has established a unique method to simplify and speed up key research carried out by all those in the world of policy. Dods is providing the service to MPs at no charge and Dods Legislation will now offer the most targeted platform to engage with and inform those at the frontline of policy evolution. 

Organisations wishing to take advantage of this interactive and innovative platform can do so in a number of ways. Sponsoring a bill will align your organisation with an issue in a way not previously manageable. MPs, researchers, departmental policy teams, stakeholders of all shapes and sizes will access the system and your views, comments and branding. Any other material you may wish to submit will feature in the related content section of the site, and sponsors' contributions will be prioritised.

Key benefits include:

  • Association with a bill and the issues therein
  • Targeted communications - literally no wastage
  • Interactivity - speak directly to those most able to influence the passage of a bill
  • Branding

 For further information please contact us on 020 7593 5653 or at