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European Union (Approvals) Act 2013-14

Royal Assent


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  • Royal Assent Royal Assent

    30 Jan 2014

    The Bill gained royal assent to become the European Union (Approvals) Act 2014.


The Bill was announced in the Queen's Speech and is a minor, technical Bill that will provide authorisation for the UK to support three programmes in the European Union that were set out under the European Union Act 2011. The Bill was introduced in the House of Lords on 16 July 2013.

The three EU programmes in which authorisation is required are:

  • Pericles: This is an exchange programme for assistance and training in the protection of the Euro against counterfeiting
  • Historical archives: This is a proposed regulation to ensure that access to the historical archives of EU institutions will be available from a single location at the European Institute in Florence
  • Europe for Citizens: This is a programme designed to promote remembrance of Europe's history, particularly the wars and totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century. It will also encourage civic participation in the EU by developing and understanding of its history and policy-making processes

A similar piece of legislation authorising the European Union Act 2011, The European Union (Approvals) Act, was introduced in the Lords in late 2012 and achieved Royal Assent within three months.