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Statute Law (Repeals) Act 2013 2012-13

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(This Bill is from a previous session)


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    Bill is now an Act

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    Government Bill


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On 4 April 2012, the Law Commission for England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission published 'Statute Law Repeals - Nineteenth Report', which included a draft Bill that would repeal over 800 outdated laws. The final Bill was introduced to the House of Lords on 10 October 2012.

As with other uncontroversial Law Commission legislation, special procedure will likely be used to expedite the Bill's progress through Parliament. Second reading debates in both Houses will be held in special committees, with the results being reported back to the main Houses before the Bill can proceed. The House of Lords committee stage is also held in a special public bill committee, of limited and specified membership.

Included within the Bill are 38 Acts relating to the various railway companies operating in British India and the wider East Indies, 40 Acts relating to the City of Dublin before Irish independence, and an Act dating back to 1800 to hold a lottery to win the £30,000 Pigot Diamond.

The legislation will represent the largest repeal the Commissions have ever produced, with the oldest law dating to 1322 (Statutes of the Exchequer). In total it will repeal 817 whole Acts and part-repeal 50 other Acts.