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Police (Complaints and Conduct) Act 2012 2012-13

Royal Assent

(This Bill is from a previous session)



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    Bill is now an Act

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    Government Bill


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  • Royal Assent Royal Assent

    19 Dec 2012

    The Bill was given Royal Assent, and becomes the Police (Complaints and Conduct) Act 2012.


A Bill to make provision about interviews held during certain investigations under Schedule 3 to the Police Reform Act 2002.

The Bill aims to increase the powers of the Independent Police Complaints Commission by making it obligatory for serving police officers and staff to attend police interviews as witnesses.  In addition, the Bill would allow the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate allegations towards officers tabled by its predecessor, the Police Complaints Authority.

The measures introduced in the Bill have arisen as a result of the Hillsborough Independent Panel's findings into the 1989 tragedy which found that police officers amended 116 reports which criticised and found failings in the actions of the South Yorkshire Police.

Theresa May described the Bill as fast-track legislation which would "enable the IPCC to conduct a thorough, transparent and exhaustive investigation into the Hillsborough disaster."   

Labour has called for the IPCC to be replaced with a new body to co-ordinate police investigations with the recently established National Crime Agency.

The Bill is expected to be rushed through Parliament in time for the Hillsborough inquiry, due to take place in early 2013.