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Partnerships (Prosecution) (Scotland) Bill [HL] 2012-13

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    Government Bill


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The Partnerships (Prosecution) (Scotland) Bill was announced by the Advocate General for Scotland, Lord Wallace of Tankerness, and published on 5 November 2012. It will apply to Scotland only.

It aims to give effect to recommendations made by the Scottish Law Commission in their report on "Criminal Liability of Partnerships" .  

In the report, the Scottish Law Commission called for:

• Criminal prosecutions to remain open in the five years following dissolution of a partnership

• Prosecutions to be brought against individual partners regardless of whether a partnership has dissolved.

Partnership law is one of the few matters reserved to Westminster, with this Bill being only the third Scottish Bill to be introduced in Westminster since 2004.

The Law Society of Scotland has welcomed the Bill, particularly with the focus on prosecuting all members of a partnership even after a dissolution.